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The Get It Together Real-World Guides Book series teaches about money, credit and all the things you need to know to thrive in your financial life. 

Real-World Guide Book Series

What our clients say

Get increased employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity by providing financial well-being programs and materials that help employees become financially knowledgeable and empowered. Learn more about how we can help your employees.

“Wellness is the major initiative for our organization. In partnering with Get It Together, we are making education in financial wellness a priority. We want to ensure each member of our team has the tools needed to make a plan so we can do the best we can for ourselves, our families and our loved ones.”

    Smoky Bissell, Chairman, Bissell Companies

Let us create original materials for your organization.  Our team can create, publications, checklists, workbooks, videos and online courses, or any other medium you can think of.  Let's create!

​​​​Financial Wellness

The Financial literacy company “Get It Together,” is now “Perspecta.” Perspecta will continue to help company leaders encourage their employees to lead financially healthier, less stressful lives through honest, unbiased financial education. Perspecta offers a new view on financial wellness that never judges and always empowers.